September 1, 2012
Apple Bans App That Maps Drone Strikes

I’d call it despicable profit-oriented corporate jingoism, but I’m afraid they might sue me for patent infringement.

h/t TDW

February 26, 2012
Apple CEO Tim Cook: "We Have More Money Than We Need."

There’s no doubt that Apple is a cash cow. Just last year, many reports started circulating that the tech giant had a larger bank account than the U.S. government, where Apple ended June 2011 with $76.2 billion and the government had $73.8 billion. Now, Apple CEO Tim Cook is saying that the company has more money than it needs.

At the annual shareholders’ meeting on Thursday, which is the first since former Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ death, Cook tried to determine whether Apple should stop hoarding cash the way Jobs has been for years, or if it’s time to stick a hand in the $97.6 billion cookie jar and pay shareholders a dividend this year.

Money quote:

Another suggestion of what to do with the cash was to buy Greece, which is currently experiencing a debt crisis, but Cook said Apple is not interested.

While Athens burns, the iEmperor plays the fiddle.

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