August 14, 2011
Tim Pawlenty Ends White House Bid

Perhaps LogicallyPositive's aggressive campaign to get what Pawlenty promised during the GOP Presidential Debate wore the former Minn. Governor down.

August 11, 2011
Scour the Internet, America!



Tim Pawlenty challenged viewers to find an economic plan from President Obama on the web. If you find one, he promises to come to your house and cook you dinner.

When Pawlenty was asked about criticizing Michele Bachmann for her migraines, he said the only headache to question is the headache the President has caused.

Someone is better prepped since the New Hampshire debate.


I want Pad Thai, as spicy as you can make it. So spicy it makes my diarhea burn on the exit.

I have a feeling Tim Pawlenty will be cooking alot of dinner in the near future.

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