August 16, 2011
STAGE COLLAPSE UPDATE: Coroner Tells Lesbian She Can't Have Partner's Body


Bilerico reports that an Indiana coroner cited DOMA in his refusal to release the body of Christina Santiago to her lesbian partner. Santiago was one of five killed at Saturday’s stage collapse at the Indiana State fair.

It is situations like this that really shed light on how important ‘gay rights’ are. 

DOMA creates another manifest injustice.  Just like this one.  And this one.  And this one.  And this one.  And this one.  And this one.  And this one.  And this one.

UPDATE: apparently this story is not as clean-cut as it originally appeared:

A friend of mine emailed the coroner and got a response. She said, “This is all unfounded and their office was working with Christinas aunt in this situation because her fiance was also injured. I think he may be telling the truth, because the last report I read is that her partner was still in critical care.” The Indianapolis Star will likely have a story on this.

I await clarification with bated breath.

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