May 1, 2012
Paul Krugman Does An AMA On Reddit; Redditer Lampoons Peter Schiff

There’s lots of good stuff in here.  One particular commenter, Phokus, appears to have it out for Peter Schiff:

[I] find it ironic that libertarians here trash Dr. Krugman all the time, yet somehow they hold him to different standards to someone like Peter Schiff, an Austrian “Economist” (emphasis on quotes) that they worship, yet has a much worse track record than Dr. Krugman, who has largely been right about the economic collapse while Austrian doomsayers like Schiff were largely wrong post-collapse (on Glenn Beck’s show, he predicted 20-30% hyperinflation in 2-3 years, back in 2008).  I think if you were a little more open minded, you would see Krugman has largely been right (for example: he correctly pointed out that we wouldn’t see that ‘hyperinflation’ because we’re in a liquidity trap).

Examples of Schiff’s predictions that have fallen flat:

I haven’t fact-checked any of these links (my studies keep me overdue).  But I’m sure someone else will.  Edit: I encourage anyone amenable to Peter Schiff’s worldview to give these a once-over and critique whether this link-spam (thank you L.A. Liberty) is actually a fair treatment of Schiff’s “failed predictions,” or an obscurant aggregation of links that don’t necessarily support the commenter’s point in toto.

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