October 14, 2011
Starbucks May Close The Doors On Its Coffee Shops In The Future Due To Climate Change

According to Starbucks’ sustainability director Jim Hanna, the coffeehouse chain may soon be unable to sell its principal product due to the detrimental impact of climate change on coffee bean production.

“What we are really seeing as a company as we look 10, 20, 30 years down the road – if conditions continue as they are – is a potentially significant risk to our supply chain, which is the Arabica coffee bean,” Hanna told theGuardian in a phone interview.

Hanna is set to speak before members of Congress today on the issue of climate change and how it’s real and how someone should do something about it before we run out of coffee and chocolate and a whole bunch of other foodstuffs “many people can’t live without.”

Starbucks has already put Plan B in motion, announcing yesterday it plans to enter the juice-bar market — news that freaked out Jamba Juice stockholders, causing the price of JMBA to drop 3.5%.

Today’s congressional event is sponsored by the Union of Concerned Scientists, which recently reported that coffee brands have increased the cost of grinds by as much as 25% over the last year.

“The dwindling supply of coffee is but one example of the many impacts to come due to climate change,” the nonprofit writes, ” and should be a wake-up call for us all.” 

Just a conspiracy.  Al Gore is just trying to make money.  An attempt to tax us into oblivion and regulate our lives.  Junk Science.  Conspiracy.

God I hate Climate Change deniers.

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    My only response is this: I’ll be able to wean away from my caffeine trip, and I will save money.
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    This comes at a time when cold tea drinks are making a killing in Metro Manila. I am not sure though whether this...
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    So what I’m getting from this is I have 10 years to drink as much coffee as I can and burn as much petrol as I can....
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    you, sir, are amazing. very well laid out criticism
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    Haha, I was just thinking the same thing. They’re like, “Hmm, maybe we should do something about that whole climate...
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    Peoples’ motivations astonish me. Truly. Lets not do something about climate change ‘cause it may destroy us, let’s do...
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    As to that 70s/80s/90s concern about global cooling I remember that too, my high school class looked at concerns about...
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    Well… good thing I didn’t plan on staying ‘til retirement, then!
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    “Just a conspiracy. Al Gore is just trying to make money. An attempt to tax us into oblivion and regulate our lives....
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